Thursday, February 25, 2010

Relationship with God: Legal or Personal?

One thing the law could not do was to give eternal life, for eternal life is to know God and Him whom He sent, Jesus Christ (Jn. 17:3), but not from the outside as the Pharisee knew Him, the Almighty Law-giver, but within the intimate relation of a common life (‘I in you and you in Me,’ Jn. 14:20).

The Pharisee knows all about action, but nothing about being. In all his life of righteousness there is one thing he has never come across, never perceived: that between God and him there can be a relationship of mutual love. He never sought it and never met the God of Isaiah… He believes that between God and His creatures there is a relation that is fixed, fossilized, immutable. He has never discerned in the Scriptures the love story of God and the world He created and so loved that He would give His only-begotten Son that it might be saved… Of God he knows the law – not the Person.

~Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Meditations


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