Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mary Olive Freeman

In memory of
Mary Olive (Short) Freeman
January 1919 – September 25, 2011
A beautiful Christian lady

If I Could (By Mary Freeman)

If I could live a life to please my God,
And to be a friend to all mankind as well,
And do the things a Christian ought to do,
As long as I am on this earth to dwell.

If I could guide the young, support the aged,
Encourage those faint hearted and the sad,
If I could bring the wanderer to the fold,
Defend the lonely widows, make them glad.

If I could shield an orphan with a home,
Deliver one poor captive with his grief,
Help someone weary, troubled in distress,
And bring a humble heartache to relief.

If I could turn some evil hate to love,
Forgive my foes for harmful things they do,
And keep the peace when riots come my way,
And strengthen one to live a life anew.

If I could heal the sick, the blind, the lame,
And comfort some one suffering in great pain,
Have pity on the poor who come my way,
This way I’d find a heart which I could gain.

If I could slow a drunkard with his drinks,
Influence one drug addict make him tame,
If I could keep good tempered as I go,
And mend a broken home from all its shame.

If I could find no fault with those I know,
And all my thoughts were perfect pure and kind,
If I could be content and feel no fear,
In me a Christian life you then would find.

If I could toil and yet no rest would need,
And labour on and no reward would take,
If I could suffer and no pain would heed,
A true and humble person I would make.

If I could give and not count the cost,
And lend an eager ear to those who call,
If I could live without a jealous heart,
I’d have no fear and be a friend to all.

I cannot live a life that’s so devine,
But I can make an effort that’s supreme,
To live in peace and joy and gladness fine,
I’d be a worthwhile person it would seem.

I pray that while I’m on this earth to dwell,
God will protect and guide me day by day,
That I may be quite pleasing in His sight,
And lead me on to live the perfect way.

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